Does acting for pure self-interest work in your best interest?

by Aymara Lorente

The way I see it, it does not work at all, mostly because many of the individuals who, consciously or not, follow that practice are seeking instant gratification. They do not believe in the process of getting somewhere making sacrifices, being patient, following rewarding logical steps.  I have seen the results of that selfish, rude, and immature rush many times.
Some people always find themselves choosing the easy, unscrupulous way of getting what they want no matter what.   When you go through life moving pieces indiscriminately, swimming against the flow all the time to get your way, you will feel empty and unsatisfied most of the time. These individuals frequently get the opposite of what they were looking for.  It is the way this world works because God always lets us know that, sooner or later, there are consequences to everything we do.   However, the unselfish and natural acts you perform, without even thinking, will bring goodness to you.  I am a believer because I have had evidences of that through my life.  And that is true not only for your personal life, but in any job or creative project you want to accomplish.
There is space for all beings in this world, and a path for each person as well.  Skipping precious moments or trying to take people out of the way does not lead you anywhere. It could make you feel a winner for a few insubstantial moments, but it will not last.  Acting just for self-interest will not make your life better or spiritually richer, and it will never make you feel proud of yourself.  On the other hand, when your acts do not involve ulterior motives, the results will always bring you surprising satisfaction and happiness.



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