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By Aymara Lorente

To Pedro and all the people I love.

Here, in the United States, Valentine's Day is a celebration that includes not only couples, but all kinds of love, and I like this concept.  Children bring cards and candy to their teachers and classmates, friends are invited to go out, to have fun. Of course, if you are lucky enough to have somebody special in your life, this day is even more wonderful.

When we have a person to love and to experience life with, we try our best to keep him or her close, to make something great of every second we spend together.  To me, the secret to a great relationship is to respect the other half throughout the long path we take in our quest for happiness. But first, we need to know and consider ourselves to be able to help and support another person, and to allow our partner become whatever he or she dreams of. We learn to sail through harsh waters, and we try not to make the same mistakes because we care.  We work hard on our relationships ev…