The nun behind the counter

By Aymara Lorente

                                                                                   To her, wherever she is, 
                                                                                  and to Pedro, by my side

I remember as if it were today. There was that kind, unassuming, but convincing and smart little woman. She was a nun, an envoy right from above.

God put her in the most unusual place: believe it or not, she was our honeymoon travel agent.
Right there, on the spot,  she gave us her quiet speech, while booking and issuing our hotel reservations. She raised her head, once in a while, to look at our eyes; to see through them, and watch our reactions. We were both in awe, listening. I’ll never forget the things she said, the metaphor she used, comparing marriage to a new fragile plant that needed to be watered every single day; without excuses, in smooth times, or bracing for storms.

Nobody had talked to us that way, about unconditional love, sacrifice, and the difficult, but rewarding road ahead.  And although we were so fortunate because we already had our parents' examples to follow, I know now, I feel it, she helped a lot.


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