The quest for peace and happiness

By Aymara Lorente

I assure you this is not about eternal peace, at least not for now.  I am talking about that daily peace everybody is searching for.  I believe everyone is capable of finding a way of achieving it, in his or her own terms.  According to what I have seen around me, many people have conquered balance and inner peace in their lives in very simple ways.  Some of them have found an activity they really enjoy doing, like a hobby, others have reached that stage simplifying their lives, as well as forgiving, or helping others.  I am also sure faith can play an important and favorable role on this, like in everything else we do. 

For some people it is very difficult to walk through life without trying to interfere in the lives of others.  They do not know that you can get ahead without stepping on another human being.   They do not concentrate on their own lives, and, instead of focusing on themselves, their families and their purpose in life, they only pay attention to others.  That way you cannot get ahead, and it is a very unfair practice that can potentially affect, or even destroy, others.  At the end, this attitude only feeds the jealousy and envy of those poor souls, who cannot concentrate on themselves.  Everyone has to focus on his or her own road, but some never learn this basic truth.  On the other hand there are so many positive souls minding their own businesses, spreading good will, and helping those who cross their paths.  I have found examples of those opposite sides through my life, and they are both easy to recognize, even if the negative ones pretend to be something else, but you can, sooner or later, see the wolf’s fur underneath its lamb’s costume.

It is not an easy task to protect our peace.  Even if you are good at that, the turmoil of others around you can reach your soul.  If people close to you are lost, unable to find its way, or submerged in trouble, those waves of insecurity and negativity could, definitely, influence you.  However, believing in God and in yourself can help you focus, win many battles, and, most of all, feel content, which means you regained your precious spiritual peace.


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