If only I could

By Aymara Lorente
                                                                    To Amanda who is good at writing.

Remembering our grandmother, born on August 15.

If only I could, I would try, for just a few minutes, to change things around, like the limits of time and existence.  If He would allow me, with his blessings I’ll place, in a little imaginary room, the three beautiful women in our family named America: first my grandmother, who is no longer physically with us, but is still the light that guides our paths in this world; then I would come in for an instant to introduce her my oldest niece and her three-year-old daughter, the two other Americas named after her.  Grandma would smile looking at them and their modern clothes.  She would rejoice knowing they are good at heart, and really trying hard, even the little one, to be as wonderful and thoughtful as she was.

For just a second they’ll be like one, joining in an embrace the three different centuries when each of them was born; rewinding in that moment all our family’s life and so many years of human experience, just for an unforgettable encounter, if only I could.


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