A wedding in Venice


By Aymara Lorente

couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the first images on TV related to George Clooney’s wedding in Venice, Italy.  On a boat, there was the smashing couple surrounded by cameras shooting at them at very close range.  I believe they were images filmed on a canal a day or two previous to the big event, but part of the whole fairy tale package. Three thoughts came then to my mind immediately.  First, who doesn't like Venice?  Second, I really wish George Clooney and Amal Alamudding all the best in their future together. Third, what were they thinking?!?!?!  Maybe it’s just me and my infinite love for privacy; but, how come are you going to expect a smooth sailing for your marriage life if you start it with a worldwide aired charade in Venice?

Looking at the beautiful old buildings, the bridges and the canals on the TV news in recent days, different stories from the movies came to mind, all of them shot in that enchanting city. There is an old one they show frequently on television, Summertime, from 1955, with Katherine Hepburn, where she falls in love with a younger Italian man, and also falls by accident in a canal taking a picture; another one I remember I liked a lot was exhibit in the Spanish world as Mentiras Venecianas, the story is about a mature couple, very stable; she is a violinist, he has an antic shop; and suddenly a young guy comes into their lives, pretending to be his son; here the city looks splendid, but in a natural way.  And I also enjoyed, Everybody says I love you, with Julia Roberts, directed by Woody Allen; the story is bizarre, of course, but a romantic tale anyways.  These among so many other fiction pieces for the big screen, successfully created using the magic Venice background, which is an important character in many of them, the same way it is in this present time affair I’m trying to make sense of today.
Then, going back to George Clooney’s wedding, the only thing I can say is that I hope I’m wrong in my appreciation of this beautiful, but too perfect show on display.  Everybody deserves to reach and keep good company, understanding, love and respect.  That is what we all dream of and look for in our existence; and we especially desire and need to find these valuable traits in our partners.  I know celebrities have a hard time keeping their matters out of the public eyes, but if this couple did all that to control the paparazzi thirst, trying to handle the outings and the exposure in their own terms, in my view they weren't successful because it looked like they were consciously feeding it.  I’m sorry to say that, to me, the whole thing seemed like a photo album for sale.  And, again, I wish in this occasion the phrase “appearances are deceiving” fits the case and proves I’m mistaken.


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